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Mastering the Fretboard

Harmonics, Fretboard-Knowledge, Scales and Chords for Guitarists. Gitarre. Lehrbuch mit CD.
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Frank Doll
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Introduction - Octave Positions - Basic Elements: Thirds - The Sound of Rock: Fifths - Triads and Arpeggios - Triads and their Inversions - Seconds and Fourths - Harmonization with Triads - I'm a Soulman: Sixths - Sevenths and Seventh Chords (Arpeggios) - Seventh Chord Voicings - Modes - Excursion to Minor - Sventh Chords with Options - Appendix
Mastering The Fretboard is the ideal new path to confident navigation, freedom and absolute control on the guitar fretboard. Professional guitarist and experienced educationalist Frank Doll explains the basics of rock and jazz music in a practical and easily-to-follow way. Exercises at progressive levels of difficulty train a general view of strings, frets and interdependencies and will also provide advanced players with a new approach to the instrument.It's about time a system like this came along to help guitar players develop the knowledgeof the fretboard. Put in such a simple & visual way, i can see it taking any player to the nextlevel quickly.Phil X (Bon Jovi)Harmonics and the understanding of how to use the fretboard is an important skill when you want to bring your guitar playing to another level. This book explores these concepts to help you to improve your knowledge about the fundamentals of guitar playing to help you become a master of the fretboard.Devin TownsendThis book will for sure put you on the path to become the best player you can be....and more!Phil Campbell (Motörhead)Frank Doll is a name all global guitar players hear about when it comes to needing someone in the know about fretboard theory and harmonics. Special players need special cats like Frank if they wanna stay special.Stevie Salas (u. a. Rod Stewart, Bootsy Collins, Justin Timberlake)Schwierigkeitsgrad: 2-3

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