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Autor: Michel Onfray
ISBN-13: 3561302510125
Einband: 12:AC, 12 Audio-CD(s)
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Gewicht: 587 g
Format: 144x127x76 mm
Sprache: Französisch

Contre histoire de la Philosophie Vol. 1

 12:AC, 12 Audio-CD(s)
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Michel Onfray is a great french philosopher. He always refused honours and medals and teaches philosophy in a technical school of Normandy. Deeply concerned with he teaching to the lower classes he comes from (his father was a farmer), he built an University for the people were lessons are given for free to every body in the evening - after the working hours. This 12-CD set box features 12 lessons he gave in this University. The lessons cover the ante-christian philosophy, and explains the main ideas forgotten since Plato introducing Democritos, Leucippus, Aristippus, Prodicos, the Sophists and Epicurians... In the French language

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Autor: Michel Onfray
ISBN-13:: 3561302510125
ISBN: 1302510126
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.04.2015
Verlag: Galileo Music Communicati
Gewicht: 587g
Sprache: Französisch
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