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Autor: V. Daniel Castracane
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25, Endocrine Updates
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This book is an edited collection of the literature on leptin beginning with the discovery of leptin and a study of its affect on animals and in humans. Chapters will focus on the discovery, history, roles and regulation of leptin in all the major areas of physiology, as well as on assay methods, phylogeny and genetics. The timing of this volume is long overdue and is the first comprehensive coverage of leptin physiology in the field.
The Obese (ob/ob) Mouse and the Discovery of Leptin.- Leptin Receptors.- Leptin and Obesity.- Leptin and Neuroendocrinology.- Leptin-Insulin Interrelationships.- Leptin and Other Endocrine Systems.- Leptin and Immune Function, Inflammation and Angiognenesis.- Leptin and Bone Central control of bone metabolism by leptin.- Roles and Regulation of Leptin in Reproduction.- Leptin and Cardiovascular Disease.- Leptin and Cancer.- Lipodystrophy: The experiment of nature to study leptin.- Pulsatile and Diurnal Leptin Rhythms.- Leptin in Farm Animals.- Genetic Disorders Involving Leptin and the Leptin Receptor.- Immunoassays for Leptin and Leptin Receptors.- Clinical Applications of Leptin.
The discovery of leptin by Friedman and his colleagues in 1994 was a seminal discovery in the study of metabolism, providing a new tool to study energy expenditure and appetite regulation. Early studies actively investigated many aspects of metabolism, obesity, and diabetes but it was soon evident that leptin was much more than a metabolic hormone. Today leptin, with almost 11,000 reports in the world's literature, is recognized to be important in many areas of physiology with strong suggestions for involvement in clinical conditions as well. Leptin, of course, remains of great interest in obesity and diabetes but other, previously unimagined, areas are now in the realm of leptin physiology. Perhaps leptin and its involvement in many areas of reproductive physiology may be of greatest interest outside of obesity, but other physiological arenas are becoming increasingly involved in the broader understanding of leptin and its pleiotropic functions. These areas include cardiovascular disease, bone physiology, immune regulation, and even cancer and genetics. Clinical trials have suggested other areas of leptin pharmaceutical potential beyond the original promise of obesity management. These topics and others, for the first time, have been collected in one volume as the first comprehensive review of leptin and its many actions. This area will continue to increase and is now compounded by new endocrine factors that have been elucidated in the wake of leptin's explosion onto the physiological scene.

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Autor: V. Daniel Castracane
ISBN-13:: 9780387314167
ISBN: 0387314164
Erscheinungsjahr: 29.11.2006
Verlag: Springer US
Seiten: 372
Sprache: Englisch
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