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Apple TV For Dummies

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Mark L. Chambers
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Watch your iTunes downloads on a television screen withhelp from Apple TV For Dummies. This comprehensive guideoffers shopping tips; easy-to-understand installation and setupdirections; and advanced material like content creation,troubleshooting, and optimizing network speeds.
You get the "download" on:
* Apple TV setup and customizing
* High-Definition video hardware
* State-of-the-art audio hardware
* Connecting both computer and video equipment
* Using iTunes and the iTunes Store
* Cataloging your multimedia library
* Setting up a wireless network (both on the Mac and thePC)
* Working with Front Row and the Apple TV remote control
* Displaying photos using iPhoto and Photoshop Elements
* Audio and video formats, including conversion betweenformats
* Syncing iTunes with the Apple TV
* Creating media for Apple TV using iTunes, iPhoto, and iMovieHD
* Customizing and optimizing your Apple TV system
* Troubleshooting, upgrading and maintaining Apple TV

All levels of users will find this guide full of usefulinformation, whether you're a multimedia/High-Definitionbeginner who hasn't invested a cent in hardware, or anintermediate-level enthusiast who already has an HDTV and surroundsound system, or an advanced electronic wizard who needs just aquick reference tool to troubleshoot a problem.
Introduction 1

Part I: The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship 7

Chapter 1: Shaking Hands with Apple TV 9

Chapter 2: Installing Your New Entertainment Superstar 17

Chapter 3: Configuring Your Apple TV 25

Part II: Connecting Your Apple TV 35

Chapter 4: Creating an Apple Wireless Network 37

Chapter 5: Creating a Windows Wireless Network 47

Chapter 6: Adding High-Definition and Super Sound 53

Chapter 7: Introducing Your Apple TV to Your Television 67

Part III: Exploring Your Apple TV 83

Chapter 8: Syncing and Streaming Apple TV with iTunes 85

Chapter 9: Great, Another Remote Control 97

Chapter 10: Working with Internet Media 103

Chapter 11: Enjoying Music and Video on Apple TV 117

Chapter 12: Apple TV as a Photo Album 129

Part IV: Creating Your Own Media 137

Chapter 13: Creating a Photo Library Using iPhoto 139

Chapter 14: Mastering Moviemaking with iMovie HD 157

Chapter 15: Creating Audio Tracks with iTunes 175

Part V: Apple TV Tricks and Troubleshooting 183

Chapter 16: Customizing Your Apple TV 185

Chapter 17: Maintaining Your Media Library 193

Chapter 18: Okay, It's Not Working 209

Part VI: The Part of Tens 221

Chapter 19: Top Ten PC and Mac Performance Tweaks 223

Chapter 20: Top Ten Utilities You Can't Do Without 229

Chapter 21: Top Ten Multimedia Gadgets 237

Chapter 22: Top Ten Things to Avoid Like the Plague 245

Part VII: Appendixes 251

Appendix A: Apple TV Software 253

Appendix B: Glossary 265

Index 277

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