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A House That Stands

Proven Principles for Resilient Christian Parenting
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Kathleen Jansohn
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• Do you worry about raising children who can make it in today’s world?
• Are you afraid of what the future holds for your family?

• Are you anxious over the choices your kids are making?

• Do you wish you had a clear plan to help you make tough parenting decisions?

A House That Stands is a Christian parenting framework that provides parents with the tools, confidence, and motivation you need to build a resilient family that will stand strong together, no matter what you’re facing now or what the future holds.

Here’s a plan for Christian parenting that will help you:

• Learn a Biblical framework of 7 proven Biblical parenting principles with

research to back it up

• Discover what behaviors to look for in your child in each area of resilience

• Build a strong, resilient Christian family that will last!

KATHLEEN JANSOHN, M.A. is a counselor, speaker, and writer, who has been involved in Christian ministry for over 30 years, including a number of years as a missionary in Guinea, West Africa that challenged her own family’s resilience. She is passionate about helping people find hope and help in the Word of God to build resilience and stand strong. She lives with her husband in Atlanta, GA, where her favorite role is being “Nana” to her grandchildren. For more information, go to


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