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Step by Step Through the Fire

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Glenda King
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“… a comforter to wrap up in.”Kristin Coleman




Step by Step Through the Fire
Reflections on Living with Cancer

by Glenda King

Have you been touched by the diagnosis of cancer, whether within your own body or in someone whom you love and care for? 

Step by Step Through the Fire welcomes the reader into the life of an extremely healthy wife/mother/grandmother who suddenly found her plans for her future taking a detour. Her journey brings you face to face with hard truths as she rides the roller coaster of emotions that accompany an advanced ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Written with inspiration and a dash of humor, each turn of the page invites the reader to be refreshed and uplifted. You will find hope and encouragement to live life FULLY despite the prognosis.

Step by Step Through the Fire is a must read, not only for patients and their caregivers, but also for friends and acquaintances who seek to minister to and encourage those whose lives are disrupted by a road block called cancer.

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