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Encyclopedia of Days

Start the Day with History
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Steven Carol
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Encyclopedia of Days uses daily events as a lens through which to view the broad panorama of history. Includes over six thousand entries for every day of the year, designed to both fascinate and educate.

Within its pages, you can learn that that Bjarni Herjulfson was the first European "discoverer" of record to locate North America, Paul Revere did not complete his famous ride, the Battle of Bunker's Hill was never fought there, Francis Hopkinsonnot Betsy Rossdesigned our first flag, and the US did not buy Florida.

Covers over 3000 years of history and a huge number of subjects illustrating geography, politics, international relations, economic, social events and popular culture. an important reminder of human frailties and triumphs, lending insight and perspective into the complex modern world.

While other compilations are mostly specialty works, dealing with a specific subject or time period, this work is far broader in scope, yet detailed in content.

Can be used as a basis for a fun game, can be used as a motivational tool in the business world to inspire employees and can be used as a classroom motivation to start the day.

This is an exceedingly practical and accessible volume, an indispensable reference for anyone that seeks a deeper understanding of both American and World history. All told, Encyclopedia of Days is a fun way to recall history and to learn some aspects of history that will amaze you. As such this unique reference belongs in everyone's home library.

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