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Stepping onto the Invisible Bridge

Courage for Every Season of Your Faith Journey
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Julie G. Olmsted
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Julie G. Olmsteds compassion and insight are familiar to readers of Dayton Daily News, where her column regularly appears. These heartwarming, engaging essays are antidotes to the struggles we face each day. Every doctor's office, airport bookstore, and handbag should contain a copy of this inspirational book, which contains fifty-two previously published essays. Short and to the point, Olmsted provides hope for life's many challenges.
Pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Miamisburg, Ohio, she writes from her strong Christian upbringing, strengthened by her interfaith journey as a young adult, bringing a timeless spiritual element to everyday challenges. Olmsted knows that faith is not a solid, immovable set of beliefs, but rather a matter of attention, courage, and a willingness act with compassion and conviction.

Focusing on the holidays and issues that many people face during the various seasons of the year, Stepping onto the Invisible Bridge: Courage for Every Season of Your Faith Journey gives comfort and guidance, illuminating tradition while boldly challenging old ways and prejudices. No matter what your faith or background, youll find strength and hope for stepping out onto your own invisible bridge.

What readers have to say about Stepping onto the Invisible Bridge.

Wonderful wisdom that burns into the heart and mind.
Barbara Siler

Worthwhile and valuable reading that applies to everyday life.
Rosalie Koesel

Clear, direct writing that gets to the heart of loving. Wonderful
Lopa Mehrotra

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