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Cosmic Sugar

The Amorous Adventures of a Modern Mystic
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Leela Jones
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Imagine what your romantic life would be like if you remembered your past lives and loves. Leela Jones has that gift.Leela Jones, an in-demand professional psychic and self-professed slowly recovering hedonist, felt split in two between her desire for pleasure and her passion for soul growth. She chose Tantric and Taoist sexual and spiritual practices as her path to wholeness.
Cosmic Sugar takes you on her hilarious ride of excess that leads to the funhouse of wisdom. Through diving deeply into the river of life, Jones realized that the separate banks of Eros and Spirit became one at the ground of her being.
Her ongoing immersion in this flow creates a new archetype of the Divine Feminine which opens the heart into a space of boundless sweetness and joy. Cosmic Sugar blows the mind wide open by viscerally transmitting an expanded state of consciousness that can change your perspective on love relationships forever.

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