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For Those Who Care to Learn

A Text Book for Today and Tomorrow
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Lynn B. Caufman
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Adobe Digital Editions
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As a channeled "messenger of the Holy Spirit," Malcha's words are logical, surprising, and sometimes shocking. A new spiritual perspective about lost civilizations, society's concerns with abortion, homosexuality, drug addiction, fair use of world resources, future forms of leadership, and even the worst atrocities ever known, are all catalysts in creating universal Oneness. Malcha is neither a prophet or alarmist. His words are a profound message of hope and eloquent instruction. In recognizing and using today's gift of the Holy Spirit, we can be guided and sustained through the growing pains of a New Age for mankind. In this process, we are to become something greater; a super-powered humanity possessing unsurpassed abilities that are to put us closer to a god-like state than we can presently imagine. Extraordinary difficulties preface this, and the end will be marked by a form of addictive music, gripping much of the world for a short time. Realizing the strangeness of this, we are asked to only remember Malcha's words and need not believe them. At this exact time, we are facing humanity's "finest hour upon the earth," when we are to become the gods of tomorrow's New Age.

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