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Stan’S Leap

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Tom Duerig
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Stan and Jenny wanted to take one last trip together before their ?rst child was born. The remote Henderson Island sounded idyllic far away from everyone and everything, including modern amenities and electronic devices of any kind the ultimate getaway. But when a mysterious storm strikes, Stan and Jenny ?nd out just how ultimate and permanent their getaway is.Stans Leap explores what happens when strangers from vastly di?erent backgrounds are forced to survive together with no hope of ever seeing friends or family again. Clashes arise between faith and science, older and younger generations, and unfamiliar cultures.
I can say without reservation that Stans Leap by Tom Duerig is one of the best adventure, action, ?ction novels that I have ever read.
The Book Review/p>
Even though this book is reminiscent of the infamous Lord of the Flies, Stans Leap has its own unique voice ... perhaps unique enough to be as memorable as its similar predecessor. It has become one of my all-time favorites and I will read it again and again.
Literary R&R
I especially enjoyed the ending, which managed to be not only surprising and ironic but highly plausible as well.
Chicago Center for Literature and Photography
A great mystery and adventure story!
Blog o the Irish

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