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I Finally Understand!

A Personal Weight Loss Story
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Deb Micinski
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I Finally Understand! is a personal weight loss story and guide to help others realistically lose weight. I'm a 47 year old middle class working wife and mother of two. My battle with weight didn't begin until I was 20 years old and started dieting to lose 10 pounds. Six years later those 10 pounds had soared to 40!!I share my story and experiences with traditional diets, exercise, etc., but mainly focus on the realistic, common sense approach that finally worked for me as well as the tips, tricks and philosophies I learned along the way. I also discuss the importance of developing a healthy mind and spirit and its vital role in achieving success.
My system advocates a realistic, "socially forgiving" approach that promotes a positive, personalized mind/body/soul methodology. I lost 35 pounds in 5 months and have been able to keep it off for 20 years!
About a year after writing this book, I was introduced to the Law of Attraction via Oprah's show on "The Secret". I'd never heard of the Law of Attraction before but was immediately captivated. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I know this stuff!! This is the same type of thing I wrote about in my book!!
I quickly realized I had, unknowingly, used many principals of the Law of Attraction before, during and after I lost weight and was even inspired to write a book about it! That's when I knew I had to publish this book!
You'll find my story and its relationship to the Law of Attraction featured in the book, Living the Law of Attraction, Real stories of People Manifesting Health, Wealth and Happiness by Rich German and Robin Hoch.

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