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Project Timeslip

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Randy S. Tanner
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Racism, Prejudice, and the struggle for civil rights in the future. Decades after the Holocaust, triggered by an accidental release of experimental germ warfare agents, the Perfect States of America is controlled by the National Apartheid Party. Since the ethnically-tailored biological agents eliminated most of the Caucasian population, the Black survivors have crafted a new society in America. However, their vision of society does not include the outlying Hispanic, Asian, and Native minorities that struggle to survive on the edge of this perfect society in isolated clans. Although the different clans seldom interact with each other, many share a hope for redemption according to an ancient prophecy.

The visitor comes from afar to defeat the undefeated
to lead his people to freedom
with great magic, the warrior sacrifices himself for those not his own
emissary to the future leader of clans the Supreme May'r.

A stranger from another time instigates a series of events that threatens the stability of two societies.

Daniel William's future journey-from visitor to provider, to clan warrior, to leader of clans-seems to fulfill an ancient prophecy, but his actions threaten the stability of both societies. Is it his destiny to share a common fate of those who challenge society's safety with radical ideas? When threatened with upheaval, society's leaders have always chosen to sacrifice one individual to protect the greater whole.

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