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My Evil Twin and I

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Daniel P. Grote
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Since mankind has existed, he has had an evil twin. Today, evil twins call themselves Othro-Americans and seek the same rights as their counterparts, or good twins.
My Evil Twin and I is the story of four Othro friends-Drake, Steve, Mickey and Quincy-who are unwillingly thrust into a watershed period for Othro rights. As New Jersey and the rest of the country marches toward the 2006 midterm congressional elections, a young Republican congressman drafts legislation that could force them to move out of the state, when all the 20-somethings want to do is hang out at their local chain restaurant and drink.

Along the way, Drake's new girlfriend attempts to turn him into an activist hero, Steve illegally adopts an Othro child from China, and Mickey and Quincy try to beat their latest assault rap with help from the ACLU, all while simultaneously dealing with the problems brought on by their good twins.

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