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My Second Life

A Novel
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Kinneth Hollaway
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It came down on us like a brick wall. It hit my partner first and just took him. He flew backwards screaming-I couldn't help him, cause the flames were too hot. I just remember grabbing the radio and running. I turned around, and that wall of flames was right behind me. My mind stopped working, at that point. I knew that corridor like the back of my hand, so I followed suit twisting and turning so fast that the only thing I could hear were my breaths. They were so desperate, that I couldn't keep up with them. I heard someone shouting through the radio: "WE'VE GOTA CONTAINMENT TEAM ON THE " Then I heard static, and maybe some fire engines-then nothing.-My Second Life

"Kinneth Hollaway jolts you into a black hole. The result is a wild ride; an exciting trip through the conquests of outrageous people!"
-Dorian Murphy

"Kinneth Hollaway's narrative fiction is ingenious! A novel not to be missed!"
-Hua Nan

"Emmanuelle is a wild edgy woman whose languid prose speaks an irresistible adventure."
-Richard Anderson

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