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Don't Call Me Angus

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Gus Mackenzie
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Just the mention of St. Andrews stirs excitement in the heart of every golfer. But to young Angus MacKay, living in the Swilken Bank Hotel, overlooking the eighteenth hole of St. Andrews Old Course was not particularly awe inducing. But it was, an adventure.
Dont Call Me Angus is a mixture of fiction and memoir that recounts the story of a Scottish family during the 1960s and 1970s. In this pleasant and amusing collection of tales, author Gus Mackenzie writes of the emotions and moderate dramas generated by years of telling and retelling family tales.

With beautifully descriptive narratives tinged with an ever-present humorous wink and a nod, the adventures begin with the MacKay family; Angus, the youngest son, his brother, sister, parents, and assorted relatives who live in and manage the Swilken Bank Hotel.

Despite encounters with Bing Crosby, Sean Connery, Tony Jacklin, and Christopher Lee, Anguss real adventures stemmed from the fire in room 9 and eventful trips to his grandmothers house in Kirkcaldy. Layered with light hearted insight, Angus delves into the posh and unique life of the family Mackay as they live in the shadow of the iconic St. Andrews.

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