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Fruit of the Spirit

Eleven Stories to Transform Your Life
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Valerie Maryman
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Keith Grant and Valerie Maryman know that a meaningful life rests largely upon ones capacity for hope. Our fears and lack of trust in ourselves and others can keep us from leading a purposeful life. Find hope in the commentary of eleven interviewees who share their insights regarding difficult situations and how these situations helped them persevere and lead them to greater meaning in their lives. Embrace compelling interviews of
Henry McClendon, Director of New Detroit
Rev. Dr. Shelia BrownBurrell, Life Challenge
Erminina Ramirez, Chief Executive Officer of CHASS
Janis McFaul, PhD, General Motors
Heaster Wheeler, Executive Director of NAACP (Detroit Branch)
Adolphus Cast, Bishop of Life Applications Church, Warren, Michigan
Edward Wingard, PhD, Retired Vice President of Academic Affairs Union Institute and University
Damon Keith, Judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
Rosalind Andrews Worthy, Founder of Gospel Against AIDS
Jamie Kjos, Pastor of Brightmoor Christian Church, Novi, Michigan
Marjorie Harris, PhD, Retired President of Lewis College of Business

Let Fruit of the Spirit provide you with inspiration to help you persevere and develop more hope, resilience, and faith to live a more meaningful life.

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