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Shadow of Turning

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Clayton Carpenter
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Adobe Digital Editions
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When opportunists with criminal purposes worm their way into the power structure of a large school system, compromise law enforcement, and gain access to all that tax money, education takes on a whole new meaning. As events escalate, ugly acts of violence, disguised as accidents, are inflicted upon those who get in the way. When Ben Kelly, a man on shaky emotional underpinnings, raises questions, he finds himself a target by people who will stop at nothing to carry out their felonious schemes. His unique path through hard circumstances down a perilous road of action provides the drive for what happens to him and those around him.
In The Annunaki Woman, Rena, station chief of an interstellar craft, carries out her orders to attempt capture of a human with unusual DNA components. All hell breaks loose. She is stunned when her subject, Ben Kelly, and two companions react with deadly force and annihilate her team. More deadly events transpire and Rena is forced into tough decisions which throw her into conflict with her own people. Her problems are complicated by manifestations of Earths development of The Singularity, the intrusion of ancient races, and entities guarding old secrets emerging to engage her. Rena and Kelly are thrown together to survive. The action roars out of New Orleans into Arkansas and to other places farther north and then on to other very different places very far away.

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