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The Tie That Binds

The Poems of the Poet Preacher
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Richard Carleton
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The Tie That Binds is a compilation of poems written over the lifetime of a Congregationalist minister. The poet and preacher, Richard Carleton, tells us about his faith from day to day, talking about love, philosophy, children, family, and his memories. Within these personal reflections, he speaks of the mystery and eloquence of God. He creates extraordinary pictures of God from the ordinary events in our lives. This is the key!
Richard Carleton lets us know that God is central to his thinking and feeling and living. It is both a refuge for him and an exhortation for the rest of us.

If you were to accept-just for the time it takes to read these verses-that God is a real part of our lives, you might see your acceptance of our Creator and Redeemer assume a new and expanded reality: God as the underlying force!

These poems let you see a man of deep faith, and at the same time, ask yourself about your own faith.

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