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White Widow

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David A. Waples
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Adobe Digital Editions
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A president dies of natural causes. A vice-presidential vacancy. A congressman brutally murdered.America's widowed first lady turns to press secretary Nathaniel Freeman-a dashing former college football star-to challenge the Speaker of the House, an ambitious rival who has become an "accidental" president. The upstart Freeman copes with a critically ill wife, a powerful opposing political machine, his personal doubts, and an assassin's attempt on his life.
Meanwhile, Sandra Sweet, a former female bicycle cop turned rookie detective, and Caroline McRue, an ex-prostitute now tabloid news reporter, form an uneasy partnership to investigate the murder of a powerful congressman. The two suspect a connection between the lawmaker's slaying and the "natural" death of the President. The brash, but inexperienced investigators combine their talents and develop a personal relationship previously unfulfilled in their lives. The intrigue reaches a climax as the latent lust for power and influence places Freeman, Sweet, and McRue in a position to choose between victory or integrity, at the cost of their lives.
White Widow is a nonstop political suspense thriller that questions who the real enemy of the nation is.

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