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The Last Race

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James D. Fletcher
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Along Minnesota's rugged north shore of Lake Superior, some call Swift River the spirit of the wilderness. Others call him a murderer. James Youngest, a young newspaperman from Philadelphia visiting the Minnesota wilderness, knows the truth. He also knows there are people who will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from being told. James Youngest, coerced by his own conscience, assists the elderly Indian through Minnesota's harsh north woods in order to evade his pursuers. A breathtaking chase begins and Swift River and James Youngest race toward a place the Indian calls the Two Falls, a place where Swift River assures he will never be found.
Who is Swift River? James Youngest met him when he was eleven years old during his only prior visit to the north shore. Swift River had saved young James' life from a near drowning incident, but immediately after saving him, he vanished into the woods. Now, twelve years later, their paths cross again and it is James Youngest's turn to save Swift River. During their desperate race, Swift River reveals to James Youngest his extraordinary past and his life as a Mandan. The Last Race finishes with a compelling revelation and climax.

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