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Ghauri's Sword

Terror in the Skies
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Bruce James Sylvester
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Adobe Digital Editions
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An intelligent thriller inspired by the political shambles in the Middle East, NASA scientist Randy Brown is recruited by the CIA to snoop on Indias missile capability. Instead, he finds himself on an urgent mission to rescue his 5 year old son from Indian terrorists. Looming in the background is the ongoing tension between Pakistan and India, both countries equipped with nuclear weapons.
Amy Edwards, lovely, intelligent, but down on her luck with the men in her life fights to help Randy recover his son, and finds herself in the middle of a war.

Zak Richardson, an aging black pilot and unassuming hero may be the only key to the trios escape when twelve nuclear tipped missiles arc grimly into the air toward India. In a chilling scenario that could actually happen, Pakistan has activated Ghauris Sword, their nuclear defense system, and Randy, his son, Amy and Zak are right in the cross hairs.

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