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Discover the Reasons of the Passion and Revelations of the Bible
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Stephanie Delvigne
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Discover revelations that give answers to life and death, love and sex, power and oppression, sanity and addictions. The solutions can be understood by children and endorsed by experts. Discover how to deal with issues such as mourning, divorce, adultery and homosexuality. Face the reality of the economy of the world with wars and epidemics. Find the reasons of common issues that all individuals face everyday, with or without Love. This book about Love was written because Love never fails. May this book connect, as many people as possible, to Love in order to deal with life and death, to be healed from all kinds of diseases, to be free from different lacks and bondages, to break spiritual, emotional, physical and financial poverty, to be loosed from addictions to drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex-abuse, to find solution to curses, spells, violence, destruction, depression, confusion, oppression and disorders. The book concerns individuals as well as families, groups, churches and the politics; of all races and economic status.This book can be read to children and has treasures for adults to understand the reasons of our mistakes and to avoid repeating them: from the origins of sin till 9/11 written in the Bible. Dedicated to Buddhists, Muslims, atheists, Jews, Catholics and Christians, it describes the godly creation involving the evolution that can be defended by theologians, pastors and scientists. The clear explanations can be endorsed by counselors, lawyers, judges, authorities, psychologists and maybe psychiatrics to stop people from being hurt and hurting others. May the Truth set millions free: free indeed, free at last!

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