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The Millennial Pedestrian

Poems About Walking Around in Central Park and Other Places
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John Schenck
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In these compelling, conversational poems, John Schenck takes you to familiar places, then shows them to you in an entirely new way. As he guides you from the Great Lawn in New York's Central Park to a carpet-seller's shop in Cappadocia, Schenck will show you how to see, hear and simply notice the world with fresh eyes and ears.
The Millennial Pedestrian is more than a travelogue in verse. Memory, regret and moments of joy mingle in poems about love, death and the relentless passage of time. Friendship is celebrated, love honored, and sadness given its inevitable due.

In every poem, the poet's voice is clear, friendly and direct, sharing a story with you that's as much yours as it is his. These are poems to enjoy in your own quiet moments. But you will want to read them aloud to someone else, so the poet's voice can speak through you.

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