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The Fab 5

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Franklyn C. Thomas
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Not that I would ever tell him to his face-especially after the time and effort I spent getting on him in high school-but I was very proud of James. I followed his career since he was drafted; he worked hard at his game. He never had that kind of can't-miss talent, and was a little trigger-happy with the ball, but the fact that he made it and the rest of us didn't is simply amazing; he wasn't the likeliest candidate. Likely or not, he made it out of Flatbush, and I know quite a few people who couldn't say the same.
Rob Bishop and his four best friends wanted to get out of the 'hood and make better lives for themselves. Basketball was the answer.

But when the team's best player has his college hoop dreams derailed by circumstance, he takes matters into his own hands and jumps to the NBA, almost severing all ties with "the boys".

Tragedy reunites them ten years later. Although their childhood friendships have evolved with age and time apart, the fab five learn that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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