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Hunting Farm Country Whitetails

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Dragan Vujic
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In their formative years, whitetails develop an intimate relationship with their environment. Thereafter, these big game animals resonate in perfect harmony with their specific surroundings. Behavior patterns of timberland, mountain bred, prairie flats and farm country deer vary substantially. Whitetails behave differently depending on where they are hunted. Predominantly, habitat dictates habits and routines in daily activity. Deer patterns become relatively uniform and reasonably predictable in any particular region. Irrespective of where they live, all whitetails become creatures of habit.
Dragan Vujic has hunted whitetails extensively in the checkered agricultural belts scattered along both sides of the border between Canada and the United States. He shares forty years of hunting experience in this informative book. Initially, Dragan examines and explores the common characteristics of farm country deer. Subsequently, he enumerates and analyzes the drivers and motivators of whitetail behavior. Thereafter, having integrated all of the relevant information, the author suggests several effective strategies for harvesting farm country whitetails.

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