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Book Three of the Naxos Island Mages

New Worlds
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David Scott Webster
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Again, Stephunos is confronted with reality-a reality that six months ago was inconceivable. New Worlds! People from other planets! Stephunos again has a secret.
It's not the first secret that the twelve-year-old Stephunos has had to keep. Now that he lives on Naxos, the strange island where intelligent dragons, unicorns, and other mystical creatures have been rediscovered, he no longer has to hide being a mage. Others now know of his apparent friend-the Vampire Razvan. But he and the people of Naxos must hide their new discoveries for not everyone can handle the news and not everyone should know.

Old enemies still long for the destruction of Naxos. Enemies that have knowledge of things they shouldn't. Despite his defeats Cosmin still has plans for the violent demise of the nobles of Naxos. He longs to see Duke Belen dead. New allies might give him the chance.

Still, life must go on. Despite the sudden addition of life altering facts, Stephunos and his group of friends must learn to deal with new technologies while continuing to live as they always had. Journey along with Stephunos and his friends as they make new friends, face old foes, and make new enemies.

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