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Stardom Kills

A Henry Tyler Mystery
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Tamara Emerson
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First in the series to wet your appetite is Stardom Kills. A flowing page-turner intertwined with a plot mix of engrossing characters: Hollywood's Elite, Celebrities, Media Hounds and Shady Mortals-will all keep you enthralled and guessing.
Henry Tyler and his wife Barbara, who reside in La Jolla, CA since Henry's retirement, are back in L.A. vacationing with their son and daughter-in-law at the famous Beverly Hills Hotel.

Famous guests in the hotel include Pop Diva Alicia Hill, who is relaxing while promoting her newest smash album.

On Alicia's big night of jubilation sponsored by her record company, cameras are flashing, applause is plentiful and the party is in full swing until evil intervenes. Henry is nearby and hears a shrilling scream drawing him to the catastrophe. Alicia Hill has collapsed to her death.

While LAPD's finest detectives labor the perplexing homicide, Henry is powerless at getting the cold-blooded homicide out of his mind and does some snooping and analytical investigating on his own.

With little to go on, the challenging chase is on Is an "Ulterior motive" involved, or was there an "Ax to grind?" Hang on, it will be a wild ride.

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