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Huggy, Huggy / Kiss, Kiss

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Ray daSilva
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Steve Dannon is a nice guy. He has an ideal life with his girlfriend and a commercial TV production company that earns him six figures. Acting on his nice guy personality, he agrees to hire and train Tracy, an acquaintance who is a bartender and actress working in his local pub to represent Steve Dannon Productions. Allison senses that Tracy's main interest in life is money. She warns Steve to watch her closely but he's willing to give Tracy the benefit of the doubt.
Due to the changing technologies in the commercial production business, Steve is obliged to join forces with a digital production facility. He is not aware of their financial problems, and they conspire with Tracy to usurp his clients and buy him out. Seeing an opportunity to double her income Tracy agrees to the deal.

After Steve's devastating breakup with Allison, he starts doing the bar scene. He meets a young Asian singer, Miako, and falls in love again. With his business gone and still hurting from his last romance, he is reluctant to get involved. He starts to rebuild his business and with Miako's love and support, anything is possible.

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