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Marilyn Lebron
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Adobe Digital Editions
Adobe DRM [Hard-DRM]

A UFO crashes into the Atlantic Ocean creating an enormous tidal wave that threatens to capsize a fishing schooner and kill everyone on board. But instead, a mysterious force protects the schooner from disaster leaving everyone on board wondering what had happened and what the strange object was.Toward the north Mr. Philon, witnesses a falling object and sends his men to investigate. Moments later an alien is captured and imprisoned in a glass room in Mr. Philon's private mental asylum where they soon discover the alien's unusual influence over humans. An influence Mr. Philon wants to exploit. Wealth and power could be his, if he could only control his own sadistic cravings.
A retired senior couple headed for Florida are shocked to see a transient limping by the interstate in the pouring rain. Little did they know that by picking him up they would plunge into an adventure they would never forget.
Meanwhile, in the bottom of the ocean an unusual living craft moans and groans as it slowly repairs itself, despite the efforts of a US air force carrier trying to dislodge it from the ocean floor.

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