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Full Spiritual Authority

Ýall Authority in Heaven and on Earth Has Been Given to Meý
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Jefferson Netto
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"I have been waiting for the day when someone I know who believes and submits to authority would write a book on Spiritual Authority.Jefferson Netto has the unique ability to communicate the most complex principle of all, Spiritual Authority, in a very simple way.
I was inspired when I read Full Spiritual Authority. I know that this book will inspire you also to live a life of excellence and fulfill the call of God upon your life.
In these last days God is looking for Christians, men and women, who will submit to His full Spiritual Authority and will be used to open the eyes of many who think submission to authority is another form of slavery.
The enemy submits to Jesus' authority because Jesus submitted to the full authority of His Father. The only time the enemy will submit to the Christ in us is when we come to the full knowledge of Spiritual Authority.
Jefferson Netto has given us sufficient information we need to come to the full knowledge of this important principle.
It is my prayer that every child of God who desires to be used by Him will have the opportunity to read this wonderful book."
-Dr. George Gunn

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