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John Teton
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UPSURGE is a contemporary drama with elements of psychological fantasy and science fiction narrated by its three principal characters: Tyler Fox, a visionary scientist, his wife Gwen, a pregnant former actress and school teacher, and their teenaged daughter, Leanna, whose dreams and fears about the worlds future cause her to disappear to a hidden, fantastic, and frightening place.

John Tetons new novel, UPSURGEwhich continues the terrifying, yet hopeful, saga begun in his first book, APPEARING LIVE AT THE FINAL TESTis both a wholly original science fiction drama of unparalleled vision and a blueprint for creating a better and more humane future for the generations to come.
Lucille Lang Day, author of INFINITES: Poems and WILD ONE: Poems

UPSURGE is a great book that will show readers that you are never too young or too old to take action."
Paul Rivas, KPFK-FM, Los Angeles

UPSURGE, like its predecessor, APPEARING LIVE AT THE FINAL TEST, proves again that literary realism can hold its own when interwoven with fantasy elements, even those as wild and original as those in these books. With their different times and settings, a read of either novel alone is wholly rewarding, yet the subtle interconnections revealed by completing the set adds a dimension of awe to each.
Debo Kotun, Author, ABIKU

"A theme running through both novels is wonder at the universe and the potential for human beings to influence the world for good."

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