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House of Blood and Fire

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Kameron Gray
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Frightening secrets of the past combine with voodoo, vampires, and everlasting love to create this lush, gothic novel set in the bayous of Louisiana.
Newlyweds David and Ashley Briscoe have just moved from Atlanta to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In the mood to explore nearby River Road one evening, they see a plantation house named "The Cottage." Illuminated by candles and decorated for a fancy ball, the home looks warm and inviting, and the two stop to take a look. When women in gorgeous, hoop-skirt gowns and men in elegant evening attire reminiscent of the Civil War welcome them, the couple figure they've stumbled upon a costume ball.

The next morning they are shocked to learn that The Cottage burned down in 1960. When they drive out to the house and find nothing but ruins, Ashley decides to do some detective work and delves into the house's history. What she finds out is startling-and the Cottage's connection to her own family's past could spell disaster.

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