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An Intimate Relationship

Genes, Cancer, Lifestyle, and You
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Charles H. Chen
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Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases in the world today, but early prevention remains the key to controlling it. Charles H. Chen shows that through a strict regime of diet, exercise, and other healthy lifestyle changes, you can increase your chances of keeping cancer from your doorstep.
Diagnosed with colon cancer in 1998, Chen decided to tackle the disease head on and was determined to learn the causes of cancer, the treatments, and prevention methods. Chen brings a unique perspective to this subject as both a medical doctor and a cancer survivor, breaking down the various aspects of this worldwide epidemic. Practical and concise, An Intimate Relationship covers topics such as:

Screenings for men and women
Benefits of early diagnosis
Treatment options
Prevention and healthy lifestyle choices

As a gynecologist, Chen also focuses on women's cancer issues, including breast cancer and hormone replacement therapy. He also provides tips to help you achieve good health through the consumption of organic foods, antioxidants, and nutritional supplements.

Don't become a statistic-increase your chances of avoiding cancer and improve your overall health with An Intimate Relationship.

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