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Lest Ye Be Judged

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David C. Trimble
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Widely viewed as a liberal, Dunstan Mitchell, bishop of the EpiscopalDiocese of Central Kentucky,has been aggressively pressing his agenda
for the Episcopal Church, including ordination of openly gay clergy and the
blessing of same-sex marriages. His actions have severely offended the more
conservative elements of the Diocese. Mitchell also has some personal habits
that his allies in the Church find distasteful, and it soon becomes apparent that
he is a liability-one that the church may want to eliminate.
Six weeks later, the bishop's desecrated body is found in the covered swimming
pool of one of his archenemies, crusty Circuit Judge James Chancellor. An
extensive police and forensic investigation leads to many possible suspects,none
of whom are in the least upset that Bishop Mitchell is gone, including his exwife,
rival priests, and disgruntled former parishioners. Ambitious prosecutor
Ron Gaither soon gets his way, however, and indicts Judge Chancellor, a
conviction that will ensure Gaither's political future.The trial becomes a battle
of wills between these formidable men that leads to a surprising and disturbing
Set against the backdrop of the theological and political turmoil plaguing the
modern Episcopal Church, Lest Ye Be Judged is a compelling page-turner that
escalates the tension all the way through the final page.

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