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Autor: Becky Burns
ISBN-13: 9780595875511
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Soothe the Spirit

Blessings and Rituals for Energy Enhancement
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When you engage in expressions of love and peace, comfort and joy, and understanding and acknowledgement, you change the world. And when you take the time to honor the events of your life with rituals and acknowledge everyday blessings with gratitude, you soothe your spirit.
In this motivating collection, simple ceremonies from energy healer Becky Burns help you unearth and release the thoughts that keep you from realizing your goals and will help you cultivate the energy you need to more fully enjoy your life. Guided by the four elements-fire, earth, water, and air-Burns gives you the practical tools and encouragement you need to develop blessings, affirmations, and rituals that fit your unique situation, schedule, and personality. She guides you through ceremonies for:

Expressing gratitude to affirm life's gifts
Clearing energy, establishing intention, and expanding abundance
Reflecting on nature's cycles
Comforting the spirit through challenges
Impacting global healing and peace
For novice and experienced seekers alike, Soothe the Spirit is your trusted guide to developing a powerful personal practice of giving thanks, focusing the mind, and nourishing your soul.

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Autor: Becky Burns
ISBN-13:: 9780595875511
ISBN: 0595875513
Verlag: iUniverse
Seiten: 1
Sprache: Englisch
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