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Autor: Mary Monaghan Sypawka
ISBN-13: 9780595887729
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Sprache: Englisch
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In My Shoes

A Journey to Living Well with Multiple Sclerosis
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When people hear a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, their reactions range from denial to confusion to all-out panic. Mary Monaghan Sypawka was diagnosed with MS in 1993, when no medications were available. Due to the lack of information about fighting the disease, Sypawka went on a personal journey to find out as much as she could. In In My Shoes, she graciously and realistically shares what she has learned. There are many elements of MS that people "don't talk about." Sypawka tackles those aspects with grace and humor. She openly discusses her medicine injections, difficulties with public places, and her relationship with her husband. She lays it all out in the hopes of helping others get and stay smart about MS.
Packed with information about medications, resources, doctor visits, and adapting home and work environments to fit MS needs, this simple, uplifting guide does away with clinical, complex jargon and explains MS in a way everyone can understand. Whether you have been diagnosed or you know someone who has MS, In My Shoes is a must-have aid to understanding, treating, and coping with the disease.

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Autor: Mary Monaghan Sypawka
ISBN-13:: 9780595887729
ISBN: 0595887724
Verlag: iUniverse
Seiten: 1
Sprache: Englisch
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