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Autor: Margaret Dexter
ISBN-13: 9780595896707
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Malta Remembered

Then and Now: a Love Story
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In 1963, Margaret Dexters husband made an impulsive decision to pack up and move to England for a year. They leased their home in Santa Barbara, California, and together with their four children made an unforgettable journey by land and sea, throwing caution to the wind.The move to England exposed the Dexters to much of the cultural richness of Europe; unfortunately, they returned to face financial ruin and cliff-hanging events. In 1967, Stillman Dexters work led him to Libya, forcing him to leave the family. In 1969, Margaret, five children and two poodles moved to the island of Malta, not far from Libya and closer to Stillman. Their life became almost idyllic, promising a rosy future.
By November 1970, Libyas tense political situation changed everything. Libyas leader, Muammar Qaddaffi, denied renewal of all American work permits. The family plans for what might have been were swept away by one telegram.
Margaret Dexter pens a loving tribute not only to the island of Malta and its special inhabitants, but also to her familys remarkable peregrination. Malta Remembered is an inspiring story of how one couple blessed and united by good fortune braved waves of adversity with hard work and love.

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Autor: Margaret Dexter
ISBN-13:: 9780595896707
ISBN: 0595896707
Verlag: iUniverse
Seiten: 224
Sprache: Englisch
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