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The Night They Came

A Science-Fiction Thriller....
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Dave Gamboa
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When beings from another world invade Los Angeles, Steven, his wife, and a few others, escape and head up into the high mountains. Butwhen he and his new found friends go off in search of a safe place, what they come to discover will change their lives forever. Unfortunately, the group falls into the hands of an elite group of government scientists, and a new kind of nightmare begins to unfold.

As they get deeper, Steven soon discovers a complex world of alien- experimentation; one can only but wonder, what else theyve been
hiding. Their lives are soon shattered when they discover the chilling truth behind it all, as then they must fend for their livesor die trying.
Not wanting to believe, Steven retaliates only to be confronted by an unexpected visitor, and the gripping conclusion, will blow you away. Will anyone survive?

The Night They Came is a fast-paced, non-stop thrills and suspense
story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It will change the way
you see the world. Are they among us ?

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