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The Shoe Tree

Tales of Aver Nes
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D.E. Westbrook III
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Adobe Digital Editions
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In the swamps of Louisiana, a young girl and her friends discover there is a very real evil behind a gruesome ghost story they heard as children. Eight teenagers stumble upon a mythical tree and sinister hoodoo curse that not only threatens them but the entire town they live in as well.
Dark powers trap Rose Kincaid and her group of friends in an endless fog in the swamp. For one fateful night, they must survive a carnival of violent ghosts, flesh eating ghouls, ravenous vampires, and many other grisly supernatural encounters.

In the process, they uncover a bloody secret that has haunted their town for generations. In a race against time and death itself, can they uncover the past and reveal the dark truth about their own hometown or will the curse of Ms. May continue to reap its vengeance in blood.

Dont say her name in the fog. She will come.

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