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Awaken Your Spirit

Reconnecting to Your Source
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Marcella and her husband, Dave, seemed to be leading a perfect life, made more complete with two wonderful boysuntil their eldest son, David, was diagnosed with leukemia in May 1996. Little David, who had always loved unconditionally, forgiven others, and given freely of himself, bravely endured three years of pain and treatments. But when he died at age ten, Marcella was left heartbroken and with her faith in God shattered.
After years of seeking answers and inner-peace, Marcella reveals how it was only after she decided to release her pain and move forward that she was finally able to reconnect to her soul and return to the essence of life. In her uplifting spiritual guide inspired by Davids teachings, Marcella details her poignant healing journey as she was guided to rediscover Gods ever-present love, the truth of eternal life, and ultimately, enlightenment and peace. Also included are simple tools and practical advice that will help others awaken their own spirits and learn to live fully again.

In this spiritual guide, a mother shares a story of love, truth, and hope as she moved from the darkness of grief into the light of a new destiny.

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