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Autor: Jamaica Mann MBA
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The Attitude of Growth After Intellectual Failure
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WENG summarizes the author's experiences of twenty years in management, training, leading, and his diligent pursuit of education. With his arrival at the end of an 'intellectual rope', he recognized that we are an untapped powerhouse of potentials. In WENG, he illustrates that:Sophistication is not a requirement to be excellent,
Education does not equal success,
Experience is never the limit of the future,
Comfortable means we can perform better,
Growth is always working beyond the observable limits, and
Moving to the next level is the only option to being rendered irrelevant.
WENG uses illustrations, and personal anecdotes to validate the values of personal introspection and discipline in our lives. In WENG, we learn that the limits of our intellectual capacity and academic learning are merely our beginning for achieving personal and collective wellbeing, realizing the purpose of our life, and gaining an abundant harvest. WENG is an account of coming to wits end and now moving on to achieve greatness.

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Autor: Jamaica Mann MBA
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