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Lights of Consciousness

A Sufi view of Science & Spirituality
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Adnan Al Adnani
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The aim of this book is to show that scientific and spiritual quests are one and the same. The search for truth, the truth of our existence, is one in which consciousness is its essential reality that drives and unifies all, at every level of existence, seen and unseen. Views from the foundations of science, philosophy and spirituality are presented.
Adnani highlights the key discoveries that lead to paradigm shifts in our evolution of consciousness, and how these shifts have brought us closer to the nature of reality that must exist at every level from the simple to the complex, and the inanimate to the sentient. It is the absolute certainty of our existence. The nature of reality is presented as a series of models or views that are more meditations on the self, rooted in the science of consciousness, since any description of reality can only be communicated in a limited fashion through words.

In this book, the foundations of science and spirituality are explored with the aim to present a unified view integrating the objective outer view and the subjective inner view as a science of Oneness free from conflict.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Foreword vii
Acknowledgments xi
Preface 1
Introduction 3
Who Am I? 3
The Fabric of Reality 15
Foundation 16
A Universal Science 18
Manifest Hierarchy 23
The View of Origins 33
Beginnings 33
A Brief History of Time 37
Invariance 44
Imagination 47
The View of Light 51
A New World 52
Quantum Age 54
Conscious Light 56
The View of Time and Space 59
Sacred Geometry 59
Mindscapes 63
Orientations 67
The View of Matter and Energy 71
Primal Uncertainty 71
Field Transformations 77
Formations 80
Perceptual Patterns 83
The View of Quanta 87
Matter Myth 87
Confirmations 90
Implicate Wholeness 93
Transcendence 96
The View of Mind 99
Magic of Mathematics 99
Incompleteness 104
Metaphysical Symbolism 106
Sacred Projections 108
The View of the Biosphere 111
Bio Emergence 111
Thinking Machine 112
The Making of Memory 115
Self-Organization 117
Emergence 118
Dreamscapes 119
Culturescapes 122
Uniscape 125
The View of Philosophy 129
The Quest for Meaning 129
Noumenon 133
Non-duality 139
Gnostic Hikma 142
The View of Self 149
Basic Sketch 150
Meeting the Mark 152
A Sufi Map 155
Molecular Base 160
Human Drives 160
Revelation 162
Cosmological Sketch 163
Reflective Mystery 166
Origins 167
Stages 170
Current View 173
The View of the Imaginal 179
Mundus Imaginalis 180
Divine Patterning 183
Finding the Unseen 184
The Station of No Station 186
Eternity and Time 188
Bewilderment 189
The View of Love 191
Alchemy 193
Alma Encantar 197
Enduring the Tides of Time 197
To Be 197
Jahanara 197
neness 198
Glossary 199

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