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the gods are dead

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Olukunle Akinleye
A play laced with suspence
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An intriguing stand-off in an antediluvian Yoruba setting unfolds. A grave abomination has just been committed by a brotherly village against the people of Okiri. The king sees this as a personal affront and confronts it head-on. But he did not bargain for the resulting fallout and perceived betrayal by his chiefs. The bid to right a wrong becomes enmeshed in history, storytelling, and infighting. In the king's quest to save face and fend off internal and external insurgency, a twisted and macabre human machination becomes rife. A simple call to duty becomes a fight to survive... for his very soul!
All the actions in the prologue should be conveyed in slow motion. All through the prologue, a frenzied drumbeat should be audible in the background. At first, it assumes a slow drone rhythm…then faster…finally graduates into complete accelerando. This blends with the improvised thunder sound effects. The stage lights should be flashed sporadically to give off the intermittent flash of lightning throughout this scene.The village folks should number about ten, a medley selection of men, women, and children. They are in their peasant clothing of — dandogo, girike, sooro, buba and iro.Action begins at the initiation of the drumbeats. The village folks run in doing a circuit around the stage.“Once in time when the eyes were still situated at the knee, there spurt terrible peal of thunder from Sango the fiery tongue. It first began as a drizzle, then turned into frightful thunderclaps — that which no human had yet experienced”. The village folks run roundabout in chaotic panic. Fathers trample on children. Children wail for their mothers. Mothers seek refuge from the rain. Big raindrops and mud splatter against their faces. Trees flapping against one another. Pots and earthenwares taking flight in mid-air…. “The thunder stretched forth from the sky as ordered. Whole huts were uprooted and flung against anything and everything. Farmlands in their entirety were destroyed. The sky water soaked the seeds. It choked the stems. The thunder cursed the plants. Animals and livestock were smitten with fiery violence. The storm cut a swath through the entire village. Suddenly, as it has all started, the skies dried up and the thunder ceased.” The trees left standing sway gently in the early morning breeze.
“Peace again returned in broad daylight. Then, there was absurd serenity. Sango, the god of thunder has spoken. In its wake was total and complete destruction.”

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