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Autor: Wilfred Sellars
ISBN-13: 9780674251557
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Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind

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First published in essay form in 1956, this book presents Sellars' entire philosophical system and his attack on the Myth of the Given, which raised doubts about the very idea of "epistemology". An introduction situates the work within the history of recent philosophy.
Introduction by Richard Rorty An Ambiguity in Sense-Datum Theories Another Language? The Logic of 'Looks' Explaining Looks Impressions and Ideas: a Logical Point Impressions and Ideas: A Historical Point The Logic of 'Means' Does Empirical Knowledge Have a Foundation? Science and Ordinary Usage Private Episodes: The Problem Thoughts: The Classical View Our Rylean Ancestors Theories and Models Methodological versus Philosophical Behaviorism The Logic of Private Episodes: Thoughts The Logic of Private Episodes: Impressions Study Guide by Robert Brandom
philosophy clear and comprehensible to anyone who would understand that philosophy or its history.
Autor: Wilfred Sellars, Robert Brandom
Wilfrid Sellars (1912-1989) graduated from the University of Michigan in 1933. He taught at Iowa, Minnesota, and Yale, and was University Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh from 1963 until his death. His works include Science and Metaphysics (1968) and Science, Perception, and Reality (1963). Richard Rorty is Professor of Comparative Literature at Stanford University. He is the author of the landmark works Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature; Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity; and The Consequences of Pragmatism. Robert B. Brandom is Distinguished Professor in the Department of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh.

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Autor: Wilfred Sellars
ISBN-13:: 9780674251557
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Verlag: Harvard University Press
Gewicht: 270g
Sprache: Englisch
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