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Convection Heat Transfer

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Adrian Bejan
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A new edition of the bestseller on convection heattransfer
A revised edition of the industry classic, Convection HeatTransfer, Fourth Edition, chronicles how the field of heattransfer has grown and prospered over the last two decades. Thisnew edition is more accessible, while not sacrificing its thoroughtreatment of the most up-to-date information on current researchand applications in the field.

One of the foremost leaders in the field, Adrian Bejan haspioneered and taught many of the methods and practices commonlyused in the industry today. He continues this book's long-standingrole as an inspiring, optimal study tool by providing:
* Coverage of how convection affects performance, and howconvective flows can be configured so that performance isenhanced
* How convective configurations have been evolving, from the flatplates, smooth pipes, and single-dimension fins of the earliereditions to new populations of configurations: tapered ducts,plates with multiscale features, dendritic fins, duct and plateassemblies (packages) for heat transfer density and compactness,etc.
* New, updated, and enhanced examples and problems that reflectthe author's research and advances in the field since the lastedition
* A solutions manual

Complete with hundreds of informative and originalillustrations, Convection Heat Transfer, Fourth Edition isthe most comprehensive and approachable text for students inschools of mechanical engineering.
Written by an internationally recognized authority on heat transfer and thermodynamics, this second edition of Convection Heat Transfer contains new and updated problems and examples reflecting real-world research and applications, including heat exchanger design. Teaching not only structure but also technique, the book begins with the simplest problem solving method (scale analysis), and moves on to progressively more advanced and exact methods (integral method, self similarity, asymptotic behavior). A solutions manual is available for all problems and exercises.

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