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The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Schema Therapy

Theory, Research, and Practice
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Michiel van Vreeswijk
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The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Schema Therapy provides acomprehensive overview of developments in the theory, diagnosis,treatment, research, implementation, and management of schematherapy.* Presents a comprehensive overview of schema therapy -goes far beyond all previous books on the subject to covertheoretical, research and practical perspectives
* Covers the latest developments, including work on mindfulnessand borderline personality disorder, as well as new applications ofschema therapy beyond personality disorders
* Includes chapters by leaders in the field including WendyBehary and Arnoud Arntz, as well as a foreword by Jeffrey Young,the founder of schema therapy
RezensionThis book represents the next logical step in the development of Schema Therapy: a state-of-the-art extension of the schema approach to new areas of theory, research, and clinical practice. There is no better way for readers to grasp the extent of the new theoretical, research, and clinical work that has been done in recent years than to study the chapters in this handbook. I believe that it should be required reading for anyone interested in the field.
Jeffrey Young, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University and Schema Therapy Institute of New York

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