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Biological Sampling in the Deep Sea

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Malcolm R. Clark
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The deep sea covers over 60% of the surface of the earth, yet less than 1% has been scientifically investigated. There is growing pressure on deep-sea resources and on researchers to deliver information on biodiversity and the effects of human impacts on deep-sea ecosystems. Although scientific knowledge has increased rapidly in recent decades, there exist large gaps in global sampling coverage of the deep sea, and major efforts continue to be directed into offshore research.
Biological Sampling in the Deep Sea represents the first comprehensive compilation of deep-sea sampling methodologies for a range of habitats. It reviews the real life applications of current, and in some instances developing, deep-sea sampling tools and techniques. In creating this book the authors have been able to draw upon the experiences of those at the coal face of deep-sea sampling, expanding on the existing methodological texts whilst encompassing a level of technical detail often omitted from journal publications. Ultimately the book will promote international consistency in sampling approaches and data collection, advance the integration of information into global databases, and facilitate improved data analyses and consequently uptake of science results for the management and conservation of the deep-sea environment.

The book will appeal to a range of readers, including students, early-career through to seasoned researchers, as well as environmental managers and policy makers wishing to understand how the deep-sea is sampled, the challenges associated with deep survey work, and the type of information that can be obtained.

Contributors vii

Preface x

Chapter 1 Deep?Sea Benthic Habitats 1
Paul Tyler, Maria Baker and Eva Ramirez?Llodra

Chapter 2 Deep?Sea Fauna 16
Stefano Schiaparelli, Ashley Rowden and Malcolm R. Clark

Chapter 3 Survey and Sampling Design 36
Malcolm R. Clark, Thomas A. Schlacher, Gui Menezes, Tina Molodtsova and Ian J. Doonan

Chapter 4 Environmental Sampling 57
Martin White, Christian Mohn and Kostas Kiriakoulakis

Chapter 5 Benthic Habitat Mapping 80
Geoffroy Lamarche, Alan Orpin, John Mitchell and Arne Pallentin

Chapter 6 Deep?Sea Zooplankton Sampling 103
Bernd Christiansen

Chapter 7 Trawls 126
Malcolm R. Clark, Neil W. Bagley and Brian Harley

Chapter 8 Longlines 159
Gui Menezes and Michael Sigler

Chapter 9 Epibenthic Sledges 184
Stefanie Kaiser and Nils Brenke

Chapter 10 Corers and Grabs 207
Bhavani E. Narayanaswamy, Brian J. Bett, Peter Lamont, Ashley A. Rowden, Elanor M. Bell and Lenaick Menot

Chapter 11 Landers: Baited Cameras and Traps 228
Alan J. Jamieson

Chapter 12 Towed Cameras 260
David A. Bowden and Daniel O.B. Jones

Chapter 13 Submersibles and Remotely Operated Vehicles 285
Christopher Kelley, Terrence Kerby, Pierre?Marie Sarradin, Jozee Sarrazin and Dhugal Lindsay

Chapter 14 Seafloor Observatories 306
Marjolaine Matabos, Mairi Best, Jérome Blandin, Maia Hoeberechts, S. Kim Juniper, Benoît Pirenne, Katleen Robert, Henry Ruhl, Jozée Sarrazin and Michael Vardaro

Chapter 15 Sorting, Recording, Preservation and Storage of Biological Samples 338
Stefano Schiaparelli, Kareen E. Schnabel, Bertrand Richer de Forges and Tin?Yam Chan

Chapter 16 Information Management Strategies for Deep?Sea Biology 368
Karen Stocks, Nancy Jacobsen Stout and Timothy M. Shank

Chapter 17 Data Analysis Considerations 386
Timothy D. OHara, Thomas A. Schlacher, Ashley A. Rowden and Derek P. Tittensor

Chapter 18 Application of Biological Studies to Governance and Management of the Deep Sea 404
Cindy Lee Van Dover, Sophie Arnaud?Haond, Malcolm R. Clark, Samantha Smith, Andrew Thaler and Sybille van den Hove

Chapter 19 The Future of Biological Sampling in the Deep Sea 431
Mireille Consalvey, Malcolm R. Clark and Ashley A. Rowden

Glossary 437

Index 000

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