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The NASAGA Training Activity Book

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Judith M. Blohm
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From the acclaimed North American Simulation and GamingAssociation, comes the much-anticipated The NASAGA TrainingActivity Book. This first-of-its-kind book offers a dynamiccollection of ready-to-use games, simulations, and activities. Withcontributions from expert trainers, educators, and simulation andgame designers, this highly accessible resource presents a varietyof activities that address the most common issues that trainers areasked to tackle including:* Communication
* Conflict management
* Creativity
* Customer service/sales/marketing
* Decision making/problem solving
* MulticulturAL ISSUES
* Organization development
* Self-awareness/personal growth
* Team building
* Training of trainers

Each activity is presented in detail, giving suggestions onset-up, group size, materials and equipment, process, anddebriefing. To address the wide range of training opportunities,the book includes at least two variations for each activity.Contributors demonstrate how to adapt each activity to ensurelearning is directly connected to instructional objectives andconsiderate of cultural issues. In addition, all the activities arecross-referenced to other uses.

The NASAGA Training Activity Book is filled withillustrative examples that show how activities can be used formaximum results and includes several debriefing models that containreal answers to help facilitators during debriefing sessions.
Website Contents vii

Acknowledgments ix

Foreword by Sivasailam Thiagarajan xi

Introduction xv


Which Activities Are Applicable to Which Topics? 3

Where to Place a Training Activity in a Session 9

Sample Activity 10

Play This Book by Thiagi 12


Debriefing 19

Why Debrief 20

When to Debrief 22

Debriefing Models 22

GURU by Brian Remer 23

Debriefing Using the DATA Model by Sandra M. Fowler 25

Six Phases of Debriefing by Thiagi 28


1 Building Blocks for Effective Communication by Ellen Greenberg33

2 Company Vision by Deborah Thomas 39

3 Decision Matrix by Judith Blohm and Chuck Needlman 47

4 Developing Your Cultural Team Charter by Ursula Leitzmann67

5 Full Value Contract by Stephanie Pollack 77

6 Getting to Know You and Diversity by Charles Petranek 89

7 Give It Up! by Kathleen Koski 101

8 Golden Goose by Nick Smith 113

9 How Many Squares? by Claudia Arpaia 123

10 Impression Management by Jan Fronek 131

11 Interviewing as Team Building by Stephanie Pollack 141

12 Lessons from Madison Avenue by Brian Remer 153

13 Links by Gilles Chamberland 165

14 Optimally Open by Sandra Fowler 181

15 ORID Model for Conversations by Debi Arnoni 191

16 Perfect Cooperation Game by Jim Clark 207

17 Poker Revisited by Grace E. Oreña 221

18 Raising Cane by Kat Kirkpatrick 231

19 Rollerball by Nick Smith 239

20 Rose Bowl Market by Vincent Peters and Marleen van deWestelaken 251

21 Simplexity Puzzle by José Ochoa 263

22 Ten Times by Stephen Moles 277

23 Team Characteristics by Matt DeMarco and Margaret Wolff295

24 The Best Choice by Judith Blohm and Chuck Needlman 307

25 The End in Mind by Greg Koeser 319

26 What Is the Learner to Learn? by Joan K. Teach 327

27 Who Are We? by Ursula Leitzmann and Douglas Stuart 345

Contributors 355

About the Editors 363
With contributions from experts in the field, this important volume includes fifty ready-to-use activities spanning a variety of training topics: communication, conflict management, creativity, team-building, decision-making, problem-solving, customer service, and sales and marketing. Each activity is presented in detail from set-up to debrief and two to three variations of each activity will demonstrate how to adapt it to ensure learning is directly connected to instructional content and transferrable to many situations. The book is filled with illustrative examples of how the activity can be used will be noted along with a comprehensive debriefing guide that includes real answers to debrief sessions.

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