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Estimating and Cost Planning Using the New Rules of Measurement

Sean D. C. Ostrowski
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The RICS New Rules of Measurement mean that the constructionindustry now has a way of allowing a more consistent approach tothe measurement and estimating of buildings from the start of aproject, right through until the end, and beyond.
Estimating and cost planning using the New Rules ofMeasurement offers comprehensive guidance on all the technicalcompetencies concerned with estimating throughout the precontractstages. It provides a full commentary to the NRM, with detailed andcomprehensive examples of how to measure estimates and cost plansin accordance with this new prescriptive approach.

For both students and practitioners, the acquisition oftechnical competencies is by practice so this book offersstep-by-step worked examples to follow as well as an exercise oneach topic.

Key Features

* helps dispel anxieties about using a new method in animportant area of fee generation
* based on the author's successful Roadshows, organisedby the RICS to promote the NRM
* companion websites provide support for learning: ostrowskiquantities.comand
Foreword by Allan Ashworth ix

Preface xi

Acknowledgements xiii

List of Tables and Diagrams xv

Glossary of Terms xix

1 Introduction 1

1.1 Introduction 1

1.2 Standard methods of measurement 4

1.3 Pricing 6

2 A Practical Introduction to Measurement 7

2.1 A practical introduction to measurement 7

2.2 Measurement procedure 11

3 Code of Measuring Practice 15

3.1 Introduction 15

3.2 The purpose of the Code 16

3.3 Measurement 18

3.4 Good practice 23

3.5 Practical application: GIFA London Road 33

3.6 Self-assessment exercise: GIFA London Road 35

4 How to Use the New Rules of Measurement 1 37

4.1 Introduction 37

4.2 Framework 39

4.3 Estimates 44

4.4 Cost plans 46

4.5 Information 50

4.6 Practical application: Included and excluded 51

4.7 Self-assessment exercise: Conversion to NRM 53

5 NRM 1 Estimates 55

5.1 Practice and procedure 55

5.2 Method of measurement 60

5.3 Practical application: Estimate London Road Basement 63

5.4 Self-assessment exercise: Estimate London Road RC Frame69

6 NRM 1 Cost Plans 71

6.1 Practice and procedure 71

6.2 Elements 73

6.3 Method of measurement for cost plans 76

6.4 Cost plans 82

6.5 Practical application: Cost Plan London Road Basement 84

6.6 Self-assessment exercise: Cost Plan London Road RC Frame93

7 Information 95

7.1 Introduction 95

7.2 Information requirements for estimates 96

7.3 Information required for the cost plans 98

7.4 Progressive provision of information 108

8 Preliminaries, Risk, Overheads and Profit 115

8.1 Introduction 115

8.2 Preliminaries 115

8.3 Risk 123

8.4 Overheads and profi t 128

8.5 Practical example: Site based preliminaries 128

8.6 Self-assessment exercise: Weekly running costs 130

9 Unit Rates 131

9.1 Introduction 131

9.2 Labour rates 132

9.3 Labour constants 135

9.4 Materials 136

9.5 Plant 137

9.6 Practical application: For concrete, brickwork,partitioning, roofing, windows 139

9.7 Self-assessment exercise: Reinforcement 151

10 Cost Analyses 153

10.1 Introduction 153

10.2 Types of indices 154

10.3 Requirements of indices 156

10.4 Problems with indices 157

10.5 Using indices to adjust estimates 159

10.6 Practical application: Cost adjustment for customer servicecentre 165

10.7 Self-assessment exercise: Cost adjustment for educationalbuilding 176


1. London Road drawing: No. SDCO/1/01 Site Layout, Size A1185

2. London Road drawing: No. SDCO/1/02 Plan, Elevation andSection. Size A1 187

These and further appendices are available on the website

References 189

Index 191

The author's

The RICS New Rules of Measurement mean that the construction industry now has a way of allowing a more consistent approach to the measurement and estimating of buildings from the start of a project right through until the end, and beyond ...

A comprehensive textbook that includes how to measures areas, estimating, cost planning, preliminaries, pricing and elemental cost adjustments is now essential.

Despite the increased use of models, BIM systems, 3D sketches and drawings it is still crucial to understand what to measure and how to measure it. This guide explains the process of measurement under the NRM with plenty of diagrams, worked examples and explanations. A practical and detailed exercise accompanies each chapter and the solutions to the exercises with a self-assessment marking sheets are also provided on the companion website.

To help demonstrate the concepts and practices more clearly, the website also contains PowerPoint slides with a verbal commentary which follows and explains the narratives, drawings and examples.

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